08 Apr

Pastor Mike comes to us from Lake George Bible Chapel, Lake George, MN where he has been a Senior Pastor for 10 years.  He is the son of a pastor and has over 35 years of ministry experience. He grew up in a Christian home and made a profession of faith as a child, and preached his first sermon at 17.  He realized as a Bible college student that he had not truly been saved, and gave in to the working of the Holy Spirit during revival meetings his Junior year at Northland Baptist Bible College where he asked Christ to be his Savior. He began preaching regularly while working to finish his degree and has been in Ministry ever since. (Thank you, Jesus!!)

Originally from Michigan, Pastor Mike followed God’s call to serve in the Great White North (MN) where he and his family grew and experienced life.  Pastor Mike’s wife of 35 years passed away after a hard-fought illness, and he and his adult son, Tyler, felt the pull to come back to Michigan to be with family.

And speaking of family, Pastor Mike is to be married in just a few short weeks to the wonderful, warm, and caring Miss Pat!! How awesome it is when God brings people together to his glory! We are happy and proud to be Miss Pat’s first church as a Pastor’s wife, and fully support her decision to support her husband in his role as Pastor. She is happy to go where Jesus leads her, and right now that is to support her husband, her family, and learn all about this new phase of life. (We love her a LOT!!)

Mike is a warm, compassionate, down-to-earth Pastor with a heart for the community.  He’ll be easier to find than Waldo – you’ll see him around town rubbing elbows with his new community.  In the past he has coached High School boys and girls Basketball, including Varsity; been a  Radio Color Commentator for Boys Basketball; was a three-time President of the American Feist Breeders Assoc.; and served on a Sexual Advisory board for local school district and was instrumental in implementing a very conservative curriculum.

He loves Hunting and fishing, and is the Founder and past President of the Michigan Squirrel Dog Association, and is very familiar and comfortable in an Agricultural community.

We are happy and blessed to have him here, and are excited about all the ways our lives are going to change, just for knowing him and his family better as he leads us into a new era of Christian growth in the Thumb! 

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